Futures Past, Futures Present

Interviews: Architect and Artist, William Underhill; Rotary Nature Center Volunteer, Elmi ScafidiMusic: “Action at a Distance” and “Sun on 5 at 152,” written and performed by Matmos Geodesic Bird Dome on Oakland Wiki


Music: “Innit,” written and performed by Kicker McElroy Fountain on Oakland Wiki

The Gardens at Lake Merritt

Interviews: Tai Chi Practitioner Brian Bevridge; Bonsai Garden Directory Gordon Deeg; Park Supervisor, Victoria RochaMusic: “Unearthed/Unbound,” performed by Miya Masaoka; “Ainu Welcome Song,” composed and performed by Miya Masaoka & Fred Holder Gardens at Lake Merritt website Torii Gate on Oakland Wiki Easterbrook Bird Fountain on Oakland Wiki Necklace of Lights on Oakland Wiki Oakland …

Desire Point

Path to secluded shoreline. There is no interview or music for this stop.

Municipal Culture

Interview: Metal Artist, David ThorpeMusic: “Ankan Och Hackspetten (The Duck and the Woodpecker),” composed by Jerker Johansson, performed by the Oakland Municipal Band Edoff Memorial Bandstand on Oakland Wiki Oakland Municipal Band website Anne Woodell on Oakland Wiki Mid-Century Monster on Oakland Wiki Necklace of Lights on Oakland Wiki

The War With Spain

Interview: Living History Actor, Lou LopezMusic: “The Honorable Decry of Shit Stall Lean” and “Kalashnikov,” written and performed by Extra Action Marching Band; “Iron Butterfly Theme,” written and performed by Iron Butterfly USS Maine Torpedo Port on Oakland Wiki

Hall of Pioneers

A nostalgic parkLinked to Oakland’s pioneer days.A past Railroad MuseumNow honorsLocal Chinese-American heroes. Chinese Garden Park on Oakland Wiki Harrison Railroad Park on Oakland Wiki Note: The Hall of Pioneers is currently looking for a new location.

Chinese American Citizens Alliance

Defenders of civil rights,Hurdling social & political barriersFrom here since 1912The Chinese American Citizens AllianceOakland Lodge Chinese American Citizens Alliance – Oakland Lodge website Chinese American Citizens Alliance on Oakland Wiki

Fong Get Moo

Lon Yoke FongOur Fong Get MooA trim…a lollipop…even a myna bird!Chinatown’s Queen Barber1940s-1980s Fong Get Moo on Oakland Wiki