Mexicali Rose

Mexicali Rose was, by all accounts, the oldest Mexican restaurant in Oakland, operating from 1927 until 2018—91 years and 4 generations.

La Borinqueña Mexicatessen

La Borinqueña Mexicatessen was a small, family-run Mexican delicatessen, spanning 71 years and three generations. Forced to relocate twice because of freeways, it was a mainstay in the neighborhood until 2015. Famous for their tamales, people would return to buy them even after they had moved from the area. Oakland’s first Latino BarrioTina Tamale: Guardian […]

Old Oakland Tour

Welcome to the walking tour of the Old Oakland neighborhood. Although this is not the oldest part of Oakland, it does have many of the oldest buildings still standing in Oakland. The town of Oakland was incorporated in 1852, and started mostly with buildings near the waterfront. It became a city in 1854, and rapidly […]