Delger Block

Tour: Old Oakland (3/14)

Directions to 971 Broadway

The Delger Block is one of several buildings constructed by businessman Frederick Delger; this one was built in 1883.

Notable tenants in the building have included the law firm of Metcalf & Metcalf, a partnership between George Metcalf, and later congressman and U.S. cabinet member, Victor H. Metcalf. (Remember learning about Teddy Roosevelt sending the “Great White Fleet” around the world in 1907 as a display of U.S. naval power? Victor Metcalf was the Secretary of the Navy then.)

This stop is also a good place to point out the mosaic trashcans. Redecorating the old metal and concrete trashcans with mosaics started in East Oakland, and has since spread to many areas of Oakland. The ones in Old Oakland are bird-themed, and there are lots of them about, so keep your eyes open as you move through the neighborhood.

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