Walking Tours

The currently available tours are listed below. These tours can be taken with a phone, or done virtually from your computer.

Click on a tour below to learn more about it, then click on the Start the tour > button to begin. Use the Directions button to get directions to the start of the tour, and directions from each stop to the next.

  • Dimond and Laurel Neon
    Explore neon signs along MacArthur Blvd. in the Dimond and Laurel districts.
    60 minutes 1.6 mile :: history neon
  • Black Liberation murals
    Murals in the Hoover-Foster / Hoover-Durant neighborhood
    60 minutes 1.1 mile :: murals
  • Black Liberation
    A community-led cultural asset map asserting resident voice and documenting Hoover-Foster / Hoover-Durant’s multigenerational Black history and culture.
    120 minutes 1.2 mile :: audio history
  • Black History
    A taste of Black history in Oakland
    150 minutes 1.5 mile :: history
  • Once Upon A Time, Happily Ever After… #1
    An audio tour of stories around Lake Merritt.
    120 minutes 1.0 mile :: audio history
  • 10,000 Steps #1
    Explore Oakland via its original city squares. Includes audio at some stops.
    120 minutes 1.75 mile :: audio history
  • Old Oakland
    Explore Old Oakland, home to numerous 1800s buildings and modern murals.
    90 minutes 0.85 miles :: history murals

Interested in creating your own walking tour? Learn how to create a walking tour with this website by reading these pages.