Black Liberation murals

Name: Black Liberation murals
Description: Murals in the Hoover-Foster / Hoover-Durant neighborhood
City: Oakland, CA
Duration: 60 minutes
Distance: 1.1 miles
Guide: BAMP
Mode: walking
Features: murals 
Starts at: 691 - 27th Street

Directions to 691 - 27th Street

The Bay Area Mural Program is a nonprofit organization of local artists dedicated to facilitating and creating public art. Their vision is to turn bare, blighted walls into artistic gateways into the community’s surrounding environment.

See the Black Liberation Walking Tour site for more info.

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Note: markers are for tour stops, not necessarily on the point of interest
  1. Legacy, Vast Like Us mural
  2. Ancestral Waters mural 🎧
  3. Woman in Pink mural
  4. Calypso Queen mural
  5. Third Eye Soul Kitchen mural
  6. Black Liberation mural 🎧
  7. Medu Neter mural
  8. Dead Eyes mural
  9. Loyal to My Soil mural
  10. Senior Super Heroes mural