Legacy, Vast Like Us mural

Tour: Black Liberation murals (1/10)

Directions to 691 - 27th Street

Artists: Alex Bowman and Leah Tumerman
Painted: 2018

Description: The mural, “Legacy, Vast Like Us,” is a “small selection of women who’ve contributed greatly to Oakland’s civic, cultural, and political identity. The mural was created in a collaboration between Leah and Alex Bowman. It depicts women dressed in their Sunday best, Amanda Wright stands next to Gertrude Stein, just a little to the left of Angela Davis, on 27th Street in West Oakland. She is one of a selection of notable women from the East Bay.”

Left to Right: Kamala Harris, Favianna Rodriguez, Amy Tan, Lateefa Simon, Joan Tarika Lewis, Pat Parker, Alicia Garza, Alia Sharrief, Clara Elizabeth Chan Lee, Amanda Wright, Gertrude Stein, Angela Davis

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