Pardee Home

Tour: 10,000 Steps #1 (1/18)

Directions to 672 - 11th St.
photo from Our Oakland

The Pardee Home was built in 1868-1869 for Dr. Enoch Pardee and his family. Pardee would later serve as mayor of Oakland. His son, Dr. George Pardee later lived here with his family, and served as mayor of Oakland, and as governor of California. Notable during Pardee’s time as governor was the 1906 earthquake, which devastated San Francisco, and doubled Oakland’s population with the influx of refugees. George Pardee was also involved in the creation of the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), which supplies water to Oakland and other parts of the East Bay.

Pardee Home
Governor & water advocate: George
First lady & eclectic collector: Helen
A living museum preserved by dedicated daughters

listen to Annalee Allen talk about the Pardee Home
courtesy 10000 Steps

George and Helen Pardee’s daughters, Madeline and Helen, lived in the home until their deaths, and now the home serves as a museum. Rather than restore it to Victorian era decor, it has been left as it was when the family lived there. Helen was a collector, as were the daughters, and the house is packed with historical items.

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