Swan’s Market

Tour: 10,000 Steps #1 (14/18)

Directions to 921 Washington

Swan’s Market is newer than many of the other buildings in Old Oakland, but has been no less important to the fabric of the neighborhood. The building was constructed in phases from 1917 to 1940, and encompasses most of the entire block.

Originally a “supermarket” of shops in an age of separate stores, it now serves as space for restaurants, offices, and housing.

listen to Pat Brock talk about Swan’s Market
courtesy 10,000 Steps

Swan’s Marketplace:
Everything Under the Sun
Romantic Mr. Pantoskey’s Free Market, 1885
Shrewd Mr. Swan’s Dry Goods Salvage, 1924

As you walk along, be sure to check out the amazing terracotta bas relief sculptures that decorate the building above the windows. They contributed to Swan’s being added to the National Register of Historic Places.

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