Music: “Innit,” written and performed by Kicker McElroy Fountain on Oakland Wiki

Municipal Culture

Interview: Metal Artist, David ThorpeMusic: “Ankan Och Hackspetten (The Duck and the Woodpecker),” composed by Jerker Johansson, performed by the Oakland Municipal Band Edoff Memorial Bandstand on Oakland Wiki Oakland Municipal Band website Anne Woodell on Oakland Wiki Mid-Century Monster on Oakland Wiki Necklace of Lights on Oakland Wiki

Buddhist Church of Oakland

1942Executive Order 9066Shattered JapantownThis Buddhist ChurchA reminder of that history“I am an American!” Buddhist Church of Oakland website Buddhist Church of Oakland on Oakland Wiki Wartime Control Administration Station on Oakland Wiki

Asian Resource Center

1922A neo-gothic code machine factoryNever realizedOn the top floorWomen of ChinatownSewed parachutes for WWII Asian Resource Center on Oakland Wiki

Pekin Low Restaurant

Legendary underground passagewaysLong ago… Seeking fortunes, games of chance:Pai Gow, Chinese Lottery, Fan Tan Home to a variety of restaurants and clubs over the years, the building that now houses Cinnamon Tree restaurant was built in 1924 for the Pekin Low Restaurant. Pekin Low Restaurant on Oakland Wiki Legendary Palace Restaurant on Oakland Wiki

Preservation, Restoration, & Recreation

Interviews: Camron-Stanford House Historian and Board Member, Frankie Rhodes; Lake Chalet Proprietor, Lara Graham Truppelli; Gondolier and Gondola Servizio Proprietor, Angelino SandriMusic: “Swan Lake, Op. 20: Introduction” and “Swan Lake, Op. 20, At I: No 9–Finale,” composed by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, performed by the London Symphony Camron-Stanford House on Oakland Wiki Camron-Stanford House website Oakland Public …

Key System Building

Follow the trees,Walk among themUrban secrets revealed…Discover your Invisible City Key System Building on Oakland Wiki

Leimert Building

Built in 1873 and purchased in 1874 by Louis Leimert, a candy manufacturer, the Leimert Building held the offices of William Dingee, real estate tycoon, and the head of the Oakland Water Company. With Oakland’s rapid growth, it wasn’t long before backyard wells weren’t enough to supply the water needs of the population. Today the …

Dunn Block

The Dunn Block dates back to 1876. Currently it’s home to the Bookmark Bookstore, a small bookstore run by Friends of the Oakland Public Library, which gives its proceeds to the libraries.

Central Pacific Station

Constructed in 1873, the Central Pacific Railroad Depot represented the end of the first transcontinental railroad. In 1912 the Southern Pacific Railroad built a larger station in West Oakland and all but local train traffic moved there. In 1941, the building became Mi Rancho Market, one of the anchors of the burgeoning Latino neighborhood. 1875-1941A …