A Man Who Loved to Walk Here

Music: “Microscopic Animals” and “Harp Attack,” composed by Courtney Lain, performed by The Marvelous Museum Band. Leon Olson on Oakland Wiki

Preservation, Restoration, & Recreation

Interviews: Camron-Stanford House Historian and Board Member, Frankie Rhodes; Lake Chalet Proprietor, Lara Graham Truppelli; Gondolier and Gondola Servizio Proprietor, Angelino SandriMusic: “Swan Lake, Op. 20: Introduction” and “Swan Lake, Op. 20, At I: No 9–Finale,” composed by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, performed by the London Symphony Camron-Stanford House on Oakland Wiki Camron-Stanford House website Oakland Public …

A People’s History

Interview: Oakland Asian Cultural Center Co-director, Roy ChanMusic: “Panther Party,” written and performed by The Black Panther Fugitives; “Where Waters Meet,” words by Hailee Brumley, composed by Hector Armienta, performed by Oakland East Bay Symphony; “Beside Butterfly Spring,” performed by China’s Spirit Ensemble Huey Newton on Oakland Wiki COINTELPRO on Wikipedia Oakland Municipal Auditorium on …


Interview: Measure DD Project Manager, Joel PeterMusic: “Ode to Olga,” written and performed by William Whitmore E18th Street Pier on Oakland Wiki Measure DD on Oakland Wiki Brooklyn on Oakland Wiki Unbuilt Oakland on Oakland Wiki Lake Merritt Boulevard on Oakland Wiki


Interview: Measure DD Project Manager, Joel PeterMusic: “Ode to Olga,” written and performed by William Whitmore Measure DD on Oakland Wiki East 18th Street Pier on Oakland Wiki

No Name Park

Note: Google Maps directions may try to send you back a block or so, but there’s a crosswalk with a signal at Hanover, so continue south to get to this stop. Park bench on hillside. Note: Google Maps labels it Pine Knoll Park, but as noted in the audio, there is no signage to this …

Old Oaks

Interview: Lakeshore Resident and Retired Engineer, Edwin BennettMusic: “Imagine,” written by John Lennon, performed by Edwin Bennett Note: As noted, change is inevitable. The skyline is a bit different than when it was described in 2010. In 2019 when the photo was taken, several construction cranes are visible, continuing the changing skyline. Gertrude Stein on …


Interviews: Chairman of Friends of the Cleveland Cascade, Jim Ratliff; FOCC Volunteer, Barbra Newcombe; Rapper and Activist, Boots RileyMusic: “Rainbow of My Dreams” and “Tell Me Why,” performed by Art Hickman’s Orchestra; “Cars & Shoes,” written and performed by The Coup. Friends of the Cleveland Cascade website Cleveland Cascade on Oakland Wiki C. L. Dellums …

Lake Peralta

Interview: Anonymous CapoeiristaMusic: Capoeira rhythm performed by Ginga Mundo capoeiristas; “El Corrido,” written and performed by Los Tigres del Norte; Our Lady of Lourdes church bells. Oakland Pergola and Colonnade on Oakland Wiki Our Lady of Lourdes on Oakland Wiki Rancho San Antonio on Oakland Wiki Horace Carpentier on Oakland Wiki