10,000 Steps #2

Name: 10,000 Steps #2
Description: Explore Oakland via its original city squares. Includes audio at some stops.
City: Oakland, CA
Duration: 120 minutes
Distance: 1.75 miles
Guide: Sue Mark and Bruce Douglas
Mode: walking
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Starts at: 7th and Franklin

Directions to 7th and Franklin

This is part 2 of 2. See part 1 for more information. The estimated distance and time are for this part only.

The 10,000 Steps project explored Oakland’s city squares, past and present. It culminated in a permanent meandering neighborhood narrative, ‘Walking the Invisible City’. This looped walk, marked with permanent conversational sidewalk stepping stones, reveals the city within the city: hidden local lore, architectural and cultural history, and points of urban transformation all centered around these historic parks.

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tour map

Note: markers are for tour stops, not necessarily on the point of interest
  1. Pekin Low Restaurant
  2. Asian Branch Library
  3. 8th and Webster
  4. Asian Resource Center
  5. Lincoln Square Park
  6. Lincoln Square Recreation Center
  7. 11th and Harrison
  8. Chinese Young Women's Society
  9. Junk Ship Play Structure
  10. Buddhist Church of Oakland
  11. Madison Square Park
  12. Tai Chi Park
  13. Caroline Square
  14. Oakland Museum of California
  15. Chinese Community United Methodist Church
  16. Fong Get Moo
  17. Chinese American Citizens Alliance
  18. Hall of Pioneers
  19. Harrison Square